The story of Patriot Peak Foundation

The Patriot Peak Foundation was started in July 2021, after seeing the United States become divided and deciding it was time for a change. We used our experience with our military brothers and sisters, from all walks of life, as the building blocks for our foundation. After discussing ideas we realized the way to bring people together was to connect their past.

We began by interviewing friends and family, collecting their stories and experiences. The purpose is to show we all go through a lot of the same human issues, no matter our differences. The Patriot Peak Foundation LLC has expanded to include others outside the foundation personally interviewing their family members and loved ones.

The foundation’s motto, “Making Memories. Saving History.”, rings true in the overall idea behind this endeavor. By making memories with loved ones and collecting their stories, their personal history will be saved.

The Patriot Peak Foundation LLC is hoping to expand to a global initiative and catalog the experiences for future generations to see what issues affected their ancestors. The more we can remember from the past, the more we can learn in the future.

“Every single time you help somebody stand up, you are helping humanity rise.”
– Dr. Steve Maraboli

Coming Together To Share Our Past For Our Future

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We come from all walks in life and we're here to share ours

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Flights for the brave

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